Common Thread

Other Quilting Services

Custom Quilting:

Custom quilting includes stippling, meandering (1-2 inches apart),
outlines, borders, any specific designs or a combination of 2 or more patterns.
This is $0.05 (five cents) per square inch because of the time involved.


We will make, machine apply and hand stitch the binding to the back of the quilt.

Hanging Sleeve:

We will apply a Hanging Sleeve to your quilt top so you may hang it anywhere.


If you prefer to purchase your batting from us, we carry
Quilters Dream Cotton & the Quilters Dream Line.

Custom Sewing:

We offer many quilts for sale, however, if you would like a Quilt
custom designed, we are pleased to offer that service.

Additional Labor Charges:

If you want us to seam backing, repair seams, square up backing
or press, ther is a $10 per hour additional charge.