Common Thread

Learn to Knit

Casting On

1a. Make a slip knot:    
Loop the yarn as shown and slip needle under the lower strand of the loop.

1b. Pull up a loop of yarn.

2. Pull the yarn end attached to the ball of yarn to tighten the slip knot leaving the other end approx 4 ins [10 cm] long. Transfer needle to left hand.
3a. Insert the right-hand needle through slip knot and wind yarn over right-hand needle.

3b. Pull loop through slip knot.

4. Place new loop on left-hand needle. (You now have 2 stitches (sts) on your left-hand needle).

5. Insert right-hand needle between last 2 stitches (sts) on left-hand needle and wind yarn over right-hand needle.

6. Pull loop through. Place this new loop on left-hand needle beside last stitch (st). (You now have 1 more stitch on left-hand needle). Repeat (rep) steps 5 and 6 until required number of stitches (sts) have been cast on left-hand needle.

The Knit Stitch

1. Hold the needle with cast on
stitches (sts) in your left hand,
and the loose yarn attached to
the ball at the back of work.
Insert right- hand needle from
left to right through the front of
the first stitch (st) on the
left-hand needle.

3. Draw the yarn through this original stitch (st) which forms a new stitch (st) on right-hand needle.

5. To knit a row, repeat steps 1 to 4 until all stitches (sts) have been transferred from left-hand needle to right-hand needle. Turn the work by transferring the needle with stitches (sts) into your left hand to knit the next row.

2. Wind the yarn from left to right over the point of the right-hand needle.

4. Slip the original stitch (st) off the left-hand needle, keeping the new stitch (st) on the right-hand needle.

The Purl Stitch

1. With yarn at front of work, insert right-hand needle from right to left through front of first stitch (st) on left-hand needle.

2. Wind yarn around right-hand needle. Pull yarn through stitch (st).

3. Slip original stitch (st) off needle. Repeat (rep) these steps until all stitches (sts) on left-hand needle have been transferred onto right-hand needle to complete one row of purling.

Increasing and Decreasing

Increase 1 stitch (st) in next stitch (st)
Work into front and back of stitch (st) as follows: Knit stitch (st), then before slipping it off needle, twist right-hand needle behind left-hand needle and knit again into back of loop. Slip original stitch (st) off needle. There are now 2 stitches (sts) on right-hand needle made from original stitch.
K2tog Decrease
Knit 2 stitches (sts) together (tog) through the front of both loops.

P2tog Decrease
Purl 2 stitches (sts) together (tog) through the front of both loops.

Casting Off

Cast off using knit stitch (knitwise)Knit the first 2 stitches (sts). * Using left-hand needle, lift first stitch (st) over second stitch (st) and drop it off between points of the 2 needles. Knit the next stitch (st); repeat (rep) from * until all stitches (sts) from left-hand needle have been worked and only 1 stitch (st) remains on the right-hand needle. Cut yarn (leaving enough to sew in end) and thread cut end through stitch (st) on needle. Draw yarn up firmly to fasten off last stitch (st).

Cast off using purl stitch (purlwise) Purl first 2 stitches (sts). * Using left-hand needle, lift first stitch (st) over second stitch (st) and drop it off needle. Purl next stitch (st); repeat (rep) from * securing the last stitch (st) as described for casting off knitwise.